As a clinical psychologist I had a lot of experience with therapy. However, the experience with Bianca was so unique and helpful!!! Words cannot express the process she helped me go through! I can highly recommend her intuitive and very professional work!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

You helped me reach new breakthroughs in my healing journey, and gave me tools that I can continue to use in my everyday life. One breakthrough I had was letting go of the story that I'm not loved -  a story I had for the past three years. I realized that the love that I was looking for could also be found in myself. It was so comforting to feel safe when being vulnerable, and to vocalize things that had felt shameful in the past. I love how much space you held, and also how much JOY there was. It reminded me that healing can be a joyful and fun process, too. Thank you so much!


My coaching experience with Bianca was very surprising to me. I have never done this kind of coaching and I was positively surprised of how easy it seemed to work between us. Bianca's presence helped me to connect to my inner wisdom and find my own answers. In a very gentle, playful but truly honest experience. Her guidance and the tools she used allowed hidden truths to come up and made me understand and look at things in a totally different way. Through connecting with Bianca via coaching sessions I realised that my inner wisdom is always there and that it can be easy and playful to find my own answers. It made me reconnect to my own power and gave me more trust and confidence in who I am. The fragility and doubt I often felt before I started working with Bianca are gone. I would recommend her to anyone who lost sense of self and the hope for ease in life. Bianca is able to create a safe space and hold this space for you in order to allow what is true for you to show itself. Thank you. very light. very beautiful. ease. smooth and divine.