Growing up in India, I have been drawn to the Tantric tradition from a very young age. Like Yoga is more than Asanas, Tantra is more than sex practices, it's a way of life. It’s the way that you see yourself and the world around you. It’s the ability to be fully present in every moment. Most special to me is the awareness that love inhales and exhales its consciousness into every living thing.


So you’re probably thinking I’ve been a walking orgasm from the time I was 12. Uhh… not exactly. Despite all of these powerful teachings that were swirling around me, I spent most of my childhood and adolescence completely disassociated from my body due to extreme trauma.


For many years, trauma unconsciously wreaked all sorts of havoc on my life. It prevented me from forming intimate connections. It sucked the life force energy right out of me, leaving me with no enthusiasm for my creations, and most devastatingly, it was the block that prevented me from enjoying soul-shaking orgasms (I desperately craved) with my partner. I was convinced there must be something seriously wrong with me.


Then one day I walked into a somatic bodywork session. I had no idea what to expect but was drawn to the description: a therapy that merges the soul and body. I soon discovered that I had mountains of repressed anger, was living in pain, (which caused me to disassociate from my body) and paralyzed by fear. It felt so normal, I didn’t know that there was another way…


But in that session, I discovered an ancient technique that allowed me to unlock the anger I’d suppressed and found I had a great power at my fingertips. I instantly shifted from victim to sovereign. A swelling of energy rose up inside me and catapulted me into an entirely new reality.

I was awake, alive and inspired. And suddenly I was effortlessly having orgasms that enveloped my entire being, radiating through every cell in my body, and connecting me more deeply to my partner and my purpose for life.   


Inspired by my own radical shift, naturally, I wanted to share this with others who also were struggling. I became certified as a Somatic bodyworker and began passing along this gift I received. My journey led me to the groundbreaking work of Layla Martin. Layla’s unique genius draws upon her time studying Sexology at Stanford and deep in the jungles of Thailand with spiritual masters.


Through the 600+ hour Love, Sex and Relationship coaching program at her Tantric Institue of Integrated Sexuality, I reconnected with my early foundation of Tantra that allowed me to meet every part of myself including the hard parts, the parts I think are unlovable with compassion. And merge that specific modalities of sensual tantra.

Today I am living a life my younger self didn't have the courage to dream of, but what I know is I’m not an exception. This is a possibility for every woman when she makes the decision to choose herself.