Unleash Your

orgasmic goddess!

  • Uncover Your Distinct Expression of Sexuality

  • Overcome Unconscious Orgasm Blocks

  • Master the Art of Profound Surrender

  • Liberate Your Emotions & Step into Your Power

  • Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Body

  • Learn How to Increase & Harness Your Sexual Energy

I believe that your true nature is to be highly orgasmic and deeply blissful.


I believe that Sexual Energy is the most magnificent source of power that we have.


I believe that you are magical, powerful & whole and that you have a unique purpose in this life.


I believe that you are able to live a life of unabashed sexual expression that is free of shame and guilt.


I believe that your sexual energy can light up your entire life and empower you to create the life that is in alignment with your deepest purpose.




"The more you follow your orgasm, the more orgasm there is to follow!"


Do you dream of experiencing sublime, whole- body orgasms with a partner?

Do you sometimes try everything to avoid sex, because you dread feeling frustrated and unsatisfied afterward?

Do you experience physical pain or numbness during sex and sometimes secretly think that there must be something wrong with you?

Do you have this feeling that there is more to life than you are currently living, but you just don’t know what to do to create this life?


I know exactly how you feel. 

If you are ready to discover the expansive magic of your orgasm,  the energies of the universe have swirled together to answer your prayers.


My name is Bianca Marzouk. I am a certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach and a Somatic Bodyworker,  but most of all I’m a woman that used to be just like you. 


Thankfully, I wasn’t willing to accept this as my reality and neither should you!

3 month Coaching process includes:

  • 12 deeply transformational 90 min. coaching sessions

  • unlimited email support throughout the duration of our work together

  • custom- designed home play

  • weekly audio- guided meditations and practices

  • playbook to support your transformation

  • reading material

  • money back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your progress within the first 14 days, I will
    refund 100% of your investment

What we will do:

  • dismantle your orgasmic blockages

  • delve into practices from the tantric and daoist tradition

  • re-connect you to your pleasure 

  • Learn how to move sexual energy through your body

  • Master the profound Art of Surrender

  • discover energy orgasms

  • Realise the power of intentional self- pleasure

  • uncover difficult emotions and alchemize them into pleasure

  • Adopt a new empowering narrative around your sexuality

  • Work with Archetypes

  • Awaken your 5 Senses

  • De- Armouring Trauma- release exercises

  • inner child work

  • liberating family dynamics

  • breathwork

  • explore fantasies and sexual splits and re-align them with your desires

  • address all parts of your brain in order to create wholeness

  • access safety inside your self

  • sex magic


why me?

  • I completed a 600+ hour training at the Tantric institute of Integrated Sexuality and certified as a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

  • I have 150+ hours of 1-on- 1 coaching experience

  • I am a certified Somatic Body Worker and have helped dozens of clients come back home into their bodies and re-connect with their unique personal qualities (Pantarei Approach

  • I have dedicated the past 6 years to extensive spiritual and sexual practice through which I have healed myself from PTSD and extreme disconnection from my own body and transitioned into a heart- connected, radiant and highly orgasmic being


Growing up in India, I have been drawn to the Tantric tradition from a very young age. Like Yoga is more than Asanas, Tantra is more than sex practices, it's a way of life. It’s the way that you see yourself and the world around you. It’s the ability to be fully present in every moment. Most special to me is the awareness that love inhales and exhales its consciousness into every living thing.


So you’re probably thinking I’ve been a walking orgasm from the time I was 12. Uhh… not exactly. Despite all of these powerful teachings that were swirling around me, I spent most of my childhood and adolescence completely disassociated from my body due to extreme trauma.


For many years, trauma unconsciously wreaked all sorts of havoc on my life. It prevented me from forming intimate connections. It sucked the life force energy right out of me, leaving me with no enthusiasm for my creations, and most devastatingly, it was the block that prevented me from enjoying soul-shaking orgasms (I desperately craved) with my partner. I was convinced there must be something seriously wrong with me.


Then one day I walked into a somatic bodywork session. I had no idea what to expect but was drawn to the description: a therapy that merges the soul and body. I soon discovered that I had mountains of repressed anger, was living in pain, (which caused me to disassociate from my body) and paralyzed by fear. It felt so normal, I didn’t know that there was another way…


But in that session, I discovered an ancient technique that allowed me to unlock the anger I’d suppressed and found I had a great power at my fingertips. I instantly shifted from victim to sovereign. A swelling of energy rose up inside me and catapulted me into an entirely new reality.

I was awake, alive and inspired. And suddenly I was effortlessly having orgasms that enveloped my entire being, radiating through every cell in my body, and connecting me more deeply to my partner and my purpose for life.   


Inspired by my own radical shift, naturally, I wanted to share this with others...

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   Bianca Marzouk